Larry Wainstein

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project summary



Larry Wainstein's mayoral campaign for North Bergen, NJ, prioritized affordability for working families, investing in the future for children, and a government focused on putting people first. To amplify his message, Wainstein partnered exclusively with Ifodige for digital advertising, seeking a comprehensive approach to reach and resonate with voters.


Strategy & Implementation

Ifodige implemented a multi-faceted digital advertising strategy tailored to Wainstein's campaign objectives. This included crafting captivating 30 and 15-second commercials designed to resonate with voters, serving as the cornerstone of the campaign. Developed persuasive email campaigns were to directly engage with constituents and convey Wainstein's message effectively. Designed billboard mock-ups to dominate the skyline, ensuring maximum visibility and impact. Leveraged social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram with engaging ad content to reach a wider audience and foster interaction.



The integrated digital advertising solutions provided by Ifodige propelled Wainstein's mayoral campaign forward, resulting in increased visibility and awareness of Wainstein's platform and message throughout North Bergen. This heightened visibility not only captured the attention of voters but also inspired them to take action in support of Wainstein's candidacy. The strategic digital advertising efforts played a crucial role in driving momentum and garnering support for Wainstein's mayoral aspirations.