Christian Pentecostal Afterschool Program

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The Christian Pentecostal Afterschool Program in New Jersey is highlighted as a beacon of hope and growth in the community, dedicated to nurturing young minds and instilling strong values. This program serves as a haven for countless children, providing a supportive environment for their development.



To amplify the mission of the Christian Pentecostal Afterschool Program, Ifodige Media spearheaded the unveiling of six brand new billboards. This strategic initiative aimed to enhance the visibility and awareness of the program within the community. By strategically placing the billboards in high-traffic areas, Ifodige Media ensured maximum exposure and engagement with the target audience. Additionally, the design and messaging of the billboards were carefully crafted to resonate with viewers and convey the program's commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering growth.



The unveiling of the six brand new billboards by Ifodige Media has generated positive ripple effects within the community. The increased visibility and exposure of the Christian Pentecostal Afterschool Program have garnered attention and support from community members, stakeholders, and potential participants. This initiative has not only elevated the program's vision and reach but also reinforced its status as a vital resource for children in New Jersey. Moving forward, the program is poised to experience continued growth and success, furthering its mission of nurturing young minds and instilling strong values in the community.