5 reasons to use billboards for your business

5 reasons to use billboards for your business

Billboard ads can be a great investment as long as you’re smart about how you use them.

Here are 5 reasons to use billboards for your business:

1️⃣Due to their size, billboards are hard to ignore

2️⃣People of all ages, gender, and races will be exposed to your billboard

3️⃣Digital billboards can display multiple messages

4️⃣Offers constant exposure to consumers

5️⃣One of the most cost effective forms of advertising for local businesses

It’s all about strategy! Ifodige has over a decade in experience helping businesses capitalize off of the effectiveness of billboards. We’ll put together your campaign, and negotiate the LOWEST rates available for you.

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Top 20 business categories for billboard ads

Top 20 business categories for billboard ads

1- Restaurants⁣

2- Medical

⁣3- Automotive

⁣4- Attorney

⁣5- Churches

⁣6- Banks

⁣7- Insurance

⁣8- Dental

⁣9- Boutiques

⁣10- Food Industry

⁣11- Schools

⁣12- Heating & Cooling

⁣13- Salons

⁣14- Home Goods

⁣15- Furniture

⁣16- Jewelry

⁣17- Chiropractor

⁣18- Radio

⁣19- Gyms

⁣20- Plumbing/Other Home Services

Billboard ads are highly effective at increasing sales and brand visibility!

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TV Advertising Don’ts

TV Advertising Don’ts

With more people choosing to stay home due to the pandemic, now could be the best time to capitalize on TV ads.

After over a decade of helping clients maximize TV advertising, I’ve noticed some common mistakes business owners make when buying media.

AVOID THESE 5 MISTAKESNo clear media strategy – Make sure your campaign has defined goals and a clear call to action!

Not knowing target audience – Your TV ad should be focused on your target audience only.

Not having a good frequency – Most TV ads don’t work if they are only seen once.

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The REAL Cost of Advertising

The REAL Cost of Advertising

Penny-pinching can only get you so far…

The old adage still rings true in 2020, ‘You have to spend money to make money.’ But the question is, how much should you be spending? 

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, if you are you a small company doing less than $5 million in sales, you should be allocating 7-8% of your gross revenue on marketing.

For more established businesses with a revenue over $5 million, the SBA recommends increasing your marketing investment to 12-20% of sales.

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Digital Ad Spending

Digital Ad Spending

You may not be utilizing digital ads in 2020, but we can guarantee you that your competitors are!

Experts expect digital ad spending to increase by an astonishing $75 billion within the next two years! 

Businesses are starting to understand the value of digital ads, and those who don’t will ultimately be left behind. 

The best advertisers are able to connect with their potential buyers every single day, and the BEST way to do this is through digital marketing.

Don’t be afraid to pump some extra cash into your digital ads, it’ll boost your reach and ensure your content is hitting the right audience.

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Today we want to highlight our newest client GYMGUYZ, in Clifton, New Jersey!

We are helping Gym Guyz get new leads and expand their social media presence on both Instagram and Facebook.

How will we do this?

By automating their posts, increasing engagement, conducting outreach, and making them the LOUDEST personal training franchise there is!

Need help with your social media marketing? Schedule a virtual consultation today! www.ifodige.com

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Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management Services

BUSINESS OWNERS Is your Instagram on the struggle bus? 

Maybe it’s time to let the experts come in and do all the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on the tasks that bring in the big bucks. 

Our Social Media Management Service Includes:

 Content Creation Scheduling and Posting Monthly Analytics Community Engagement

Schedule a FREE consultation with us today. Link is in our bio!


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A New Direction

A New Direction

Covid-19 has taken out entire industries almost overnight. As business owners, we are left with the challenge of staying afloat, while also trying to plan ahead in the midst of extreme uncertainty… as if being a business owner wasn’t already challenging enough. 

The uncertainty of what will happen next can be pretty scary at times but it can also serve as the fuel you need to propel your business forward, but only if you allow it to.

The current state of the world not only gave us time back so that we can devote it to activism, but it also gave entrepreneurs […] Read more

What’s Crackin!?

What’s Crackin!?

Hopefully some delicious buttery crabs! 🦀🦀🦀

We put up this billboard for @hookandreel.usa in Wyncote, PA to help this amazing Cajun Seafood Restaurant hook in some new hungry patrons. 🤤🤤

If you’re ever in Wyncote make sure to stop by and fill up on your favorite seafood delights!

👉Need a billboard for your business?

Schedule a free consultation to see how we can help you.


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Does Your Business Need A Liquor License?

Does Your Business Need A Liquor License?

Here’s a fun fact for you: If you have a business and are looking to sell liquor, you MUST put ads in the newspaper to let people know that you are applying for a liquor license! WHO KNEW!?

We’ve worked in advertising for over a decade and had no clue that this was a real requirement. If you ask us, the real crime here is serving tacos without the option to have a margarita with it!

But hey, we don’t make the rules.

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