TV Advertising Don’ts

Written by Ifodige Media, LLC

August 18, 2020

📺With more people choosing to stay home due to the pandemic, now could be the best time to capitalize on TV ads.

After over a decade of helping clients maximize TV advertising, I’ve noticed some common mistakes business owners make when buying media.

No clear media strategy – Make sure your campaign has defined goals and a clear call to action!

▪️Not knowing target audience – Your TV ad should be focused on your target audience only.

▪️Not having a good frequency – Most TV ads don’t work if they are only seen once.

▪️Not negotiating – Your goal is to get the highest reach and frequency as possible when negotiating!

▪️Not planning – Buying early helps get better rates. Generally the later you buy, the higher the rates.

TV advertising can be extremely effective when used correctly. If you need help negotiating lower rates and putting your strategy together, check out to schedule your FREE consultation!👍#noshortcuts

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