Andre Ezeugwu Named A Future Leader In Radio

Here Are The Future African American Leaders In Radio By Radio Ink  – March 26, 2018 Now in its sixth year, our Future African American Leaders in Radio list, as it has in previous years, includes people from every aspect of the business and from all over the country. On the 2018 list, you’ll read about how several of them backed into radio almost by accident — but discovered they loved it (sounds like we may have a recruiting problem) and made a hugely successful career out of their opportunity. Many of them credit their success to having great mentors, strong faith, and the grit and desire to be the best at what they do. Every member of this list was nominated by a respected peer and voted on by a panel of experienced managers across the industry. Each nominee responded to a long Radio Ink questionnaire that asked them about how they got into radio, what makes them successful, why they are passionate about the business, how they would change radio or fix its problems, and what advice they have for young broadcasters. In the section that follows, you will be reading a shortened version of the answers they provided. Online at, we’ve posted more detailed responses. We suggest you subscribe to our Daily Headlines as we’ll be featuring many of these great broadcasters in our Headlines and on Radio Ink is pleased and proud to present the 2018 Future African American Leaders in Radio.   ANDRE EZEUGWU Senior Account Executvie Beasley Media Group Philadelphia/Tampa Andre Ezeugwu began his radio career in 2010. That’s when he realized how necessary it was to take an entrepreneurial approach. “To separate yourself from every other media outlet and ad seller in the market, it’s essential that you perfect your brand, your hustle, your customer service, your attention to detail, your organization skills, your creativity, and your drive to always provide the best results for your clients and advertisers,” he says. His goal to make the industry better revolves around his ability to rebrand the perception of radio against other media outlets and tell a better story of how effective radio is when the formula of a strong message, great ad, decent frequency, and the right demo comes together. He’s had setbacks, but they have helped him become as successful as he has. “During my first year of selling radio, my bills each month were significantly more than I was bringing in,” he says, “and my shoes had holes in the bottom and I wore suit jackets with homemade stitching because the inside was ripped. A quote from Beverly Sills became my mantra: ‘There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.’ So I knew if I wanted it, I had to be relentless in figuring out ways to achieve it.” His advice to those just getting started? “Tenacity is key. My first general manager, Natalie Connor, once told me that she found success when she realized she can outlast the next person. That next person could be a rep from another radio station working an account. They leave, or the advertiser is looking for a change, and you have to be ready to be an asset to the business owner. That next person could be the person in the cube next to you when they get promoted or move to another market. If you have been doing your job, the station manager will lean on you to help pick up the slack. Never assume, and always be willing to go above and beyond the job description of a radio sales representative.”   Follow the link below to review the other 2018 nominees. READ MORE