• Make Passionate consumer connections
  • Music provides an unparalleled platform to engage consumers through a key passion point
  • Use experiences money cant buy to drive foot traffic, collect data &vset your business apart.
  • Sampling and direct engagement allows consumers to smell, taste,vsee, touch and experience your product and/or service.


Community Events

  • Helping the community is good for business.
  • Today’s consumers is conscious about where they put their money,va company that gives back to community is more appealing than ever.
  • Not-for-profit events are a great to showcase that you & your employees are a big part of the local community.
  • Your “good” work for the community is “great” content for social media, brag about yourself, you have earned it.


Signature Promotions

  • Align your brand with trusted events & promotions.
  • Established promotions get consumers excited, take advantage of this enthusiasm through custom activations.
  • Branding, lead generation, foot traffic and high profile exposure are just a few of the benefits.
  • Cut through the clutter with strategic alignment, promotions offer unique ways to showcase your brand’s position, message and/or call to action.