Radio Advertising


  • Radio delivers massive reach in real time.
  • Radio reaches 92.8% (241,512,000) of the current US population every week.
  • Radio controls 64% (921 min. per day) of daily “audio” listening  minutes by Adults 18-64 yrs old.
  • 80% of Adults 25-54 listen to Radio during the morning commute  and 86% listen during their drive home.


  • Local Personalities have local credibility.
  • Endorsement advertising works because listeners trust and relate to  Personalities.
  • Radio shares its credibility with its advertisers.
  • More than half of radio listeners have considered or purchased a product  or service advertised during 
their favorite radio show.


  • Radio goes & grows with our audience.
  • The 30% year-over-year jump in the weekly online and mobile radio audience shows that radio is more relevant than ever, delivering  audiences through broadcast, mobile, social and online.
  • Radio remains at the core of consumers’ media consumption and digital  continues to be an expansion opportunity for radio.
  • Digital platforms have enhanced integrated strategies crucial to satisfy  today’s connected consumer


  • Different Formats Deliver Different Audiences.
  • Engage specific demos, genders, ethnicities or lifestyle groups more  efficiently than any other medium through Radio.
  • Radio is the best medium to reach consumers immediately prior to  purchase.
  • Geographic research allows advertisers to strategically focus on key hot zips, counties, cities…