Radio – A thing of the past right?

Written by Ifodige Media, LLC

July 21, 2020

Not Anymore. Between internet radio, the uprise of podcasts and mobile apps, radio is alive and better than ever. As advertisers we should be thinking about how to leverage this channel.⁣

I’ve spoken with three small tech companies in the past two months that have had a ton of success with radio ads. These aren’t even B2C companies – they’re selling software platforms! So why are companies investing in radio ads, and what are the secrets to seeing success with them?⁣

It turns out radio ads have SO MANY benefits in 2020!⁣

  • Radio commercials are inexpensive⁣
  • Radio hosts already have a targeted audience⁣
  • Lower competition and higher exposure⁣
    … and we could go on and on! ⁣

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