Andre Sayegh

Our Client

project summary




Ifodige undertook the task of enhancing Mayor Sayegh's outreach through a strategic connected audio campaign. This campaign aimed to leverage platforms such as Spotify, iHeart Media, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube Music to deliver compelling audio messages to crucial voting demographics within Paterson.


Strategy & Implementation

The campaign execution comprised strategic steps to maximize its impact. Ifodige strategically selected popular audio platforms frequented by the target demographic, such as Spotify, iHeart Media, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube Music. We crafted engaging audio messages that effectively communicated Mayor Sayegh's campaign message and resonated with the audience. We used precise targeting, employing data-driven approaches to reach key voting demographics within Paterson, ensuring maximum engagement. We implemented a connected audio campaign across the chosen platforms, disseminating the audio messages to the intended audience at opportune moments. Through these steps, the campaign aimed to effectively amplify Mayor Sayegh's message and engage voters in Paterson.



The outcome of the audio campaign was highly successful. Mayor Sayegh secured re-election, indicating the effectiveness of the outreach efforts. The audio campaign witnessed significant engagement, with the messages resonating strongly with the community. Ifodige's contribution to Mayor Sayegh's victory underscored their role in bolstering community engagement and political success through innovative advertising strategies.