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Brand Consulting

Our brand consulting is an hourly service utilized to develop marketing plans to assist our clients in building brand longevity and grow your consumer base. We take the time to develop a plan to expose your services or creative products to key demographics through as many mediums and entertainment platforms as possible.  The primary objective is to navigate the best route to an ROI (Return on Investment).

Audio/Video Production

Providing a full suite of audio and visual production solutions are key aspects to Ifodige Productions’ creative services. Radio & television ads, mixing & mastering (distribution ready) EP & LP audio albums, photo shoot services for product promotions, posters, web, CD & DVD design, audio jingle production, video production and music videos. We also offer domestic & international product distribution solutions.

Media Planning/Buying

We provide a full service media planning/buying solution across all radio and digital media outlets nationwide. It is our mission to provide state of the art creative and the lowest advertising rates available.  We take the process of identifying and selecting media outlets through a strategic targeted urban marketing plan.

Event Partnerships

Concerts, community events & signature promotions can make passionate consumer connections and Ifodige has the know how to help you launch an event or get your brand into some of the nations largest festivals and tours. Cut through the clutter with a strategic alignment and a custom activation.  Live events offer unique ways to showcase your brand’s position, message and/or call to action.

Let’s Work Together

Social Media Management Packages



  • Create Targeted Content specific to your business
  • 4 posts per week
  • Manage One Social Media Platform
  • LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook
  • 16 Contributions



  • “Create Targeted Content specific to your business
  • 8 posts per week
  • Manage Two Social Media Platforms
  • LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook
  • 32 Contributions



  • “Create Targeted Content specific to your business
  • 12 posts per week
  • Manage Three Social Media Platforms
  • LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook
  • 48 Contributions