TV Advertising Don’ts

TV Advertising Don’ts

With more people choosing to stay home due to the pandemic, now could be the best time to capitalize on TV ads.

After over a decade of helping clients maximize TV advertising, I’ve noticed some common mistakes business owners make when buying media.

AVOID THESE 5 MISTAKESNo clear media strategy – Make sure your campaign has defined goals and a clear call to action!

Not knowing target audience – Your TV ad should be focused on your target audience only.

Not having a good frequency – Most TV ads don’t work if they are only seen once.

Not negotiating – Your goal is to get […] Read more

What Type Of Ads Should You Be Running Now?

What Type Of Ads Should You Be Running Now?

 Radio Ink -March 29, 2020

(By Jamie Aplin) I’m so surprised that we’re still hearing ads on the radio promoting a businesses product or service. But wait, isn’t that precisely what radio ads should be doing? Typically, yes. But that all changed the day a world wide pandemic was announced. That was the day your typical car dealer ad, declaring zero percent financing should have been tossed out the window and replaced with an ad that resonates with our current reality.

This is not the appropriate time to promote your 50 percent off store-wide sale. If your advertisers continue to air commercials like this […] Read more

Target Bets Big On 4-Minute Grammys Ad With Gwen Stefani

Target Bets Big On 4-Minute Grammys Ad With Gwen Stefani

By: Phil Wahba

The retailer wants to outdo its 2015 Imagine Dragons ad.

Last year, Target TGT 2.79% shook things up in the world of advertising by opting for a four-minute live performance-as-commercial by rock group Imagine Dragons during the Grammys rather than eight, 30-second spots. It was the first ever live commercial in the broadcast’s history.

This year, the discount retailer is trying to do one better with “the first music video ever created on live television” with singer Gwen Stefani.



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