TikTok Is Growing Up, and So Are Its Users

TikTok Is Growing Up, and So Are Its Users

More millennials are finding their way to the Gen Z-dominated app

TikTok has seen explosive growth during quarantine as people have the time to explore it.Photo Illustration: Dianna McDougall; Sources: Instagram, TikTok, Getty Images

ByScott Nover

Key Insights:

TikTok generated “the most downloads for any app ever in a quarter” in Q1 2020.
Buyers say TikTok doesn’t allow for much targeting, so an expanded user base presents some challenges.

Musical.ly first made a splash in The New York Times in August 2016, months before Donald Trump’s presidency began and years before the Covid-19 pandemic was even a glimmer on the horizon.

At the time, Alex Zhu, co-founder of the […] Read more

Looking for an apartment? This startup has you covered

Looking for an apartment? This startup has you covered

Marabia Smith

Yahoo Finance September 15, 2019

Hunting for a new apartment can always be a time consuming, expensive, and anxiety-driven process for potential new renters. That’s why this East Coast startup wants to put those on the hunt for a place to live in charge.

WhoseYourLandlord (WYL) is a web-based service that allows renters to write and post reviews about their landlord, property managers, and even the building itself. The company was launched to help folks like college students, millennials, and young professionals look for an apartment.

“We look at your financial picture, understanding how to get yourself ready to go before looking to […] Read more

U2 Launching New Album Using Alexa?!

U2 Launching New Album Using Alexa?!

By: Radio Ink

The world of digital continues to edge in on radio’s space. iHeartMedia has really taken advantage of the company’s scale in recent years by teaming with artists and launching their new songs – and playing the daylights out of them – sometimes for an entire day at the top of every hour. Now, it’s Jeff Bezos’ team taking advantage of Amazon’s scale, and using Alexa to do the same for U2.

U2 is releasing its new album called Songs of Experience this Friday. Amazon is calling what happens today through that launch, ‘ a new kind of radio.’ Historical […] Read more