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January 11, 2021

💥Digital Billboards are the next level when it comes to advertising mediums!🤩

In recent studies conducted by Nielsen, researchers have found that Digital Billboards are able to create higher recall for ads and generate a more positive consumer attitude overall. Nielsen tested six campaigns in five major US markets and found that travelers recalled seeing at least one specific digital billboard ad from 74 to 89 percent of time. That’s incredibly high! These numbers are clearly showing that digital boards work well, but why?

Well, it’s a gorgeous method of advertising! In the study by Nielsen, the majority of respondents feel ads stand out more or just as much on digital billboards compared to other ad media.

Seventy-one percent said “ads on digital billboards stand out more than ads online,” and 46 percent feel the same related to TV ads. What really makes digital billboards stand out is their ability to display a variety of digital advertisements on a HUGE display, that is clearly visible day and night.

Could you imagine your business using a digital billboard?

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