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February 19, 2021

Hot 97 (WQHT/97.1-FM) and WBLS (107.5-FM), NYC continue the Black in Business series. The hour-long specials focus on the economic impact of the pandemic on female black owned businesses.

WBLS on-air personality, Déja Vu, hosts T’Yanna Wallace, Marilyn Van Alstyne, Tren’ness Woods-Black and Premadonna in a celebration of black female entrepreneurs.

“These women have amazing chemistry and so much knowledge to share,” said Cynthia Smith, PD, WBLS. “We attempted to close out the panel session three times, they continued to converse and collaborate on the spot. These women are inspiring and fierce, and we can all take a lesson from them.”

Listeners can access all Black History Month programming on the stations websites and social media platforms.

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