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Ifodige Media


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Ifodige Media is a full service traditional & digital media advertising agency committed to negotiating the lowest rates for radio, billboard, television and print advertising; identifying the best outlets to connect your business with your target market. We believe that every advertising campaign strategy should implement an ROI (Return On Investment) and not be an extravagant cost to achieve your marketing goals. So if you are in search of a fresh, urban and millennial approach to achieving your branding objectives, Ifodige Media is the solution.


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Ifodige Productions Inc. was founded in June of 2009 by Andre Forbes-Ezeugwu. A native of Paterson, NJ, and graduate of Albright College with a liberal arts degree in Theatre & Music Business. Andre has over 10 years of professional branding, media and business development experience through his work at Beasley Media Group, Urban/Radio One and Emmis Communications. Andre is an actor and entrepreneur utilizing his media knowledge to achieve success for his clients and business partners. His enthusiastic perspective, tireless passion and tenacious disposition has garnished Andre as one of “The Future African American Leaders In Radio” by RADIO INK (March 2018).

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  • Ifodige Media provides full service advertising media planning and purchasing assistance with a specialty in radio, billboard, television, print and digital capabilities. We pride ourselves on being an end-to-end provider of traditional marketing solutions. When it comes to reaching consumers right before a purchase, Ifodige will do the heavy lifting and place your brand right in front of your target demographic. Ifodige Productions utilizes behavior targeting technology to promote and establish brands.

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  • Ifodige Music Group is the artists and repertoire sector of Ifodige Productions, responsible for distribution of all music production and promotional assets, discovering new talent and overseeing the artistic development of ifodige musicians.

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  • Ifodige Entertainment  is the live events and concert promotions sector of Ifodige Productions. Focusing on entertainment distribution products such as festivals, artist tours, merchandise, bookings, community events, sponsorships and endorsement opportunities.

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  • Ifodige Studios consists of all film & audio production partnerships. These services include TV/Radio commercials, jingles, TV shows, movies, radio programming and podcasts.

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