5 reasons to use billboards for your business

5 reasons to use billboards for your business

Billboard ads can be a great investment as long as you’re smart about how you use them.

Here are 5 reasons to use billboards for your business:

1️⃣Due to their size, billboards are hard to ignore

2️⃣People of all ages, gender, and races will be exposed to your billboard

3️⃣Digital billboards can display multiple messages

4️⃣Offers constant exposure to consumers

5️⃣One of the most cost effective forms of advertising for local businesses

It’s all about strategy! Ifodige has over a decade in experience helping businesses capitalize off of the effectiveness of billboards. We’ll put together your campaign, and negotiate the LOWEST rates available for you.

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When it comes to social media marketing for your business, it is extremely important to be intentionally about the platforms you are spending your time on. ⁣⠀⁣⠀

While it is helpful to have a presence on more than one platform, you also want to make sure that you are being strategic about your efforts to get the most out of you marketing. Think about who you want to connect with, and consider what platform they are likely to hang out on most. ⁣⠀

For example, if you’re targeting a younger audience, Snapchat or Instagram might perform the best.⁣⠀⁣⠀

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The Power of Radio Ads

The Power of Radio Ads


Using Radio Ads in 2020 will bring more money into your business!

At Ifodige, we’ve helped businesses in many industries capitalize on the power of radio ads to increase brand awareness and significantly increase sales. Radio is STILL one of the best advertising mediums in 2020, and yields a pretty incredible ROI.

A study by Neilson showed brands averaged a sales lift of more than $6 for every $1 spent on radio ads. One retail brand delivered an almost unheard of $23.21 in sales lift for every $1 invested!

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Ifodige = Audio & Video

Ifodige = Audio & Video

Did you know Ifodige offers audio and video production services?We offer a full suite of audio and visual production solutions as well as domestic & international product distribution solutions.When we say ‘full suite’, we mean it! Here is a list of the core services we offer:✔️Radio & television ads,✔️Mixing & mastering EP & LP audio albums✔️Photo shoot services✔️Product promotions✔️Posters✔️Web✔️CD & DVD design,✔️Audio jingle production,✔️Video production✔️Music videos✔️Distribution servicesCheck out Ifodige.com to schedule your consultation today!

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Have Faith…

Have Faith…

Anyone else feel an overwhelming blanket of darkness spreading over the world right now?

This week has been heavy, as we have all been reminded of the overt racism that lives in our nation that fueled the senseless acts of violence that occured…

In just ONE week, we’ve had to witness the brutal attack on #jacobblake by the police AND the deadly #kenoshashooting. 

Although we may feel wary, angry, and confused, I want to take a moment to remind us to continue having faith that God will pull us through no matter what. 

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Top 20 business categories for billboard ads

Top 20 business categories for billboard ads

1- Restaurants⁣

2- Medical

⁣3- Automotive

⁣4- Attorney

⁣5- Churches

⁣6- Banks

⁣7- Insurance

⁣8- Dental

⁣9- Boutiques

⁣10- Food Industry

⁣11- Schools

⁣12- Heating & Cooling

⁣13- Salons

⁣14- Home Goods

⁣15- Furniture

⁣16- Jewelry

⁣17- Chiropractor

⁣18- Radio

⁣19- Gyms

⁣20- Plumbing/Other Home Services

Billboard ads are highly effective at increasing sales and brand visibility!

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TV Advertising Don’ts

TV Advertising Don’ts

With more people choosing to stay home due to the pandemic, now could be the best time to capitalize on TV ads.

After over a decade of helping clients maximize TV advertising, I’ve noticed some common mistakes business owners make when buying media.

AVOID THESE 5 MISTAKESNo clear media strategy – Make sure your campaign has defined goals and a clear call to action!

Not knowing target audience – Your TV ad should be focused on your target audience only.

Not having a good frequency – Most TV ads don’t work if they are only seen once.

Not negotiating – Your goal is to get […] Read more

The Power of Urban Radio

The Power of Urban Radio

Fun Fact: In aggregate, the Hispanic and Black radio audience totals over 74 million listeners, which is roughly one-third of the total listening audience! Radio is still a very powerful form of advertising thanks to its global reach and increasing popularity.Have you considered radio advertising to reach your target audience? We can help you obtain the lowest radio advertising rates available. Visit us at ifodige.com to schedule your FREE consultation today!

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The Power of Social Media

The Power of Social Media

There are an estimated 3.5 BILLION social media users worldwide — that’s nearly half of the global population! ⠀As business owners, we have the challenge of figuring out which social media platform is best suited for our needs. ⠀⠀This question can be quite the challenge for most business owners simply because it requires you to know exactly where your target audience is hanging out.

Demographics such as age, income, and location could all play a huge role in what platform makes the most sense for you to spend your time on.⠀⠀If you haven’t been having success using social media for your business, […] Read more

The REAL Cost of Advertising

The REAL Cost of Advertising

Penny-pinching can only get you so far…

The old adage still rings true in 2020, ‘You have to spend money to make money.’ But the question is, how much should you be spending? 

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, if you are you a small company doing less than $5 million in sales, you should be allocating 7-8% of your gross revenue on marketing.

For more established businesses with a revenue over $5 million, the SBA recommends increasing your marketing investment to 12-20% of sales.

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