Richard Hackman

Art Director & Creative Technologist

Born in Ghana, West Africa, Richard comes from a rich heritage of traditional oral storytelling; a culture where parables and folktales, recounting the storied past of many families, to this day, are still passed down primarily by word of mouth.

From that cradle of civilization to the more modern global villages of the European Union, and the United States, Richard’s nomadic upbringing in the diplomatic service has instilled an urgency around documenting, and sharing life’s experiences, with nuance, and the capacity to distill certain and actionable truths.

The assimilation of these truths have led Richard through a fruitful career in advertising and marketing communications. He has successfully navigated the challenges of being a creative entrepreneur, building a book of business of up to 50 clients. His strategic thinking, and planning, proved pivotal in redefining the user experience of Warner Music Group’s three B2B platforms.
Most recently, his dedication and commitment to quality, perfection, and sustained innovation has placed him firmly within the leadership of New York Life Insurance Company, a Fortune 500 company, as a creative lead in its Product, Marketing, and Underwriting business area. Richard is also a podcast host, published photographer, and works with different nonprofits as an avid advocate for children’s literacy in West Africa.

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