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Ifodige Productions is a diversified entertainment and media management corporation, with a purpose to carry out all legal business activities related to music & movie productions, marketing, promotions and management. Our mission is to create streamlined business strategies utilizing entertainment media outlets to build market share for our artists and various entertainment ventures. Our objective for each of our projects is to manage, develop and produce lasting brands. Ifodige Productions. Entertainment. Media. Management. 

Ifodige Productions Inc. was founded in June of 2009 in Los Angeles, California and incorporated October 26th 2009 in Ellicott City, Maryland.  (Pronounced i-pho-di-gé ) Ifodige Productions is a diversified entertainment and media management corporation, with a purpose to carry out all legal business activities. Managing artists, album releases, live events and studio productions are the core components of our business model, appealing to a wide range of audiences and demographic groups.

Ifodige Management

  • Ifodige Management provides full service artist management solutions for a variety of entertainment clients. Primary objectives are to  build a fan base utilizing sponsorships to create media promotion opportunities for various projects and initiatives.

Ifodige Music Group

  • Ifodige Music Group is the record label of Ifodige Productions that focuses on talent recruitment, development and distribution of all music production and promotional assets for various artists of many genres.

Ifodige Entertainment

  • Ifodige Entertainment  is the live events and concert promotions sector of Ifodige Productions. Focusing on  entertainment distribution products such as festivals, artist tours, merchandise, bookings, music videos, sponsorships and endorsement opportunities.

Ifodige Studios

  • Ifodige Studios consists of all film, print, radio, and television partnerships. These segments include movies, TV shows, radio programming and podcasts.

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Media Management

Our goal is to build brand longevity. Consumers trust and relate to brands they admire. Our objective is to grow our consumer base. Expose our image, talents and products to our key demographics through as many mediums and entertainment platforms as possible. Developing a solid consumer base is key to surviving in the entertainment industry. Without it, you don’t exist.

Media Distribution

Providing a full suite of Media Distribution solutions are key aspects to controlling our brand development.  Mixing & Mastering “Distribution Ready” EPs & LPs from start to finish.  Photo shoot services for Product Promotions, Posters, Web, CD & DVD design. Social Network Development, Video Production for EPK’s, Music Videos, YouTube etc. We also offer Domestic & International  product Distribution Solutions.

Media Development

Consumers expect to have an easy and relevant experience when they being to utilize a particular brand’s product, land on a website or search for music and merchandise. This split-decision moment between a good experience and a bad experience is growing more important for the survival of any brand at every stage of brand development.

Media Planning

Our brand provides an outlet designed to help us reach specific demographics to grow our market share. We focus on building our brand to expose our talent and personalities on many different  platforms that best deliver the demographic of consumers we attract with strategic media partnerships.

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