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Ifodige Productions is a diversified entertainment and media branding record label with business interests in music, film, comedy, theatre and technology. Our mission is to create streamlined business strategies utilizing entertainment media outlets to develop and build brands. Our objective for each of our clients is to consult, manage and produce lasting brands. It takes a team to build a strong brand presence and in this new age of entertainment… you need the right team to succeed. A team of artists and entertainers that understand the entertainment industry that specialize in marketing and business development. Look no further, you’ve found that team…. Ifodige Productions – Branding YOUR Blueprint.

Ifodige Productions is a full service entertainment management record label founded in 2009. Pronounced i-pho-di-gé a word derived from the French word protege; meaning to develop and assist through knowledge and experience. Ifodige Productions is a diversified entertainment and media branding record label with business interests in music, film, comedy, theatre and technology. Featuring up-and-coming comedians, artists and actors has been the core of our business model, appealing to a wide range of audiences and demographic groups. When it comes to reaching fans and consumers right before they want to purchase an album or product, there isn’t a company better suited to build market presence from the ground up than Ifodige Productions.


  • Your brand needs to be open 24-7 where-ever.
  • Consumers are searching for online for entertainment every second of everyday.
  • Consumers will follow an artist after visiting their website if developed properly and appeals to their interests.
  • Most consumers conduct product research online before purchase of a concert ticket or album.


  • Digital optimization gives your brand a competitive edge.
  • Most users will not leave the first page of search results.
  • Most US residents have a mobile device within reach 24/7.
  • Most consumers would not recommend or follow an artist with a bad mobile website.


  • Word of mouth like never before.
  • Consumer internet time spent on social networks are growing more and more everyday.
  • Consumer respondents indicated that friends’ posts directly influenced their purchase decision.
  • 7 out of 10 consumers are more likely to follow an artist if present on social media.


  • Geographic research allows us to engage specific demos, genders, ethnicities or lifestyle groups more efficiently than any other medium through strategic advertising.
  • Ifodige provides strategic outreach to consumers prior to purchase creating the best ROI opportunities.

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Entertainment Management

Our goal is to build career longevity. Consumers trust and relate to personalities they admire. The objective is to grow your fan base… period. Expose your image, talents and products to your key demographic through as many mediums and entertainment platforms as possible. Developing a solid consumer base is key to surviving in the entertainment industry. Without it, you don’t exist.

Product Development

Ifodige provides a full suite of Production solutions.  Mixing & Mastering “Distribution Ready” EPs & LPs from start to finish.  Photo shoot services for Product Promotions, Posters, Web, CD & DVD design. Social Network Development, Video Production for EPK’s, Music Videos, YouTube etc. We also offer Domestic & International  product Distribution Solutions.

Brand Development

Consumers expect to have an easy and relevant experience when they come across your brand, land on your website or search your products and services. This split-decision moment between a good experience and a bad experience is growing more important for the survival of any brand at every stage of development.

Media Planning

What is your message? Every entertainer is more than just a brand, they are a business. People buy YOU and to be successful you need as many people to experience YOU as possible. To grow your market share, you need to build your brand, to build your brand you need to expose your talent, image and personality on many different advertising platforms that best deliver the demographic of fans you attract.

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